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Gestair market distribution on each continent.

Gestair 30 days of scheduled flights

The graph shows thenumber of scheduled flights per day. The bars are divided between domestic and international flights.

Gestair airports

Number of routes on some of the biggest Gestair airports.
Most popular flight routesPOPULAR

Gestair operates over 870 flight routes. Here are the most popular.

From     To  
ACX Xingyi Guiyang KWE  »
YIN Yining Aksu AKU  »
HET Hohhot Ulanhot HLH  »
HET Hohhot Eren Hot ERL  »
CKG Chongqing Baotou BAV  »
KRL Korla Karamay KRY  »
HET Hohhot Alxa Left Banner AXF  »
CIF Chifeng Hohhot HET  »
AKU Aksu Karamay KRY  »
CIF Chifeng Baotou BAV  »
CKG Chongqing Quzhou, Zhejiang Province JUZ  »
DSN Dongsheng Chongqing CKG  »
ACX Xingyi Zunyi ZYI  »
BAV Baotou Zhengzhou CGO  »
CIF Chifeng Ulanhot HLH  »
CKG Chongqing Lanzhou LHW  »
CKG Chongqing Xining XNN  »
HAK Haikou Liuzhou LZH  »
KRL Korla Tumushuke TWC  »
QSZ Shache Hotan HTN  »
ACF Alaer Yining YIN  »
AKU Aksu Xining XNN  »
CKG Chongqing Changde CGD  »
IQM Qiemo Hotan HTN  »
KHG Kashi Shache QSZ  »
KRL Korla Ruogiang RQA  »
KWE Guiyang Quzhou, Zhejiang Province JUZ  »
Based on the number of flight departures in January 2024.
Gestair Aircrafts

Aircraft models scheduled to fly with Gestair.

Aircraft model Flights
Canadair (Bombardier) Regional Jet 900 and Challenger 890 6032
Airbus A320 (sharklets) 1763
Avro RJ70 / RJ85 / RJ100 779
Airbus A321 (sharklets) 735
Airbus A320 549

Gestair airports

Sorted by the number of departing flights next month.

An airline hub is an airport where the airline has a heavy presence and normally some kind of headquarters. On the other hand, a focus city is a destination where the airline operates limited point-to-point routes. In these cities, the airline doesn’t necessarily need to have an office (even though this sometimes is the case). Many low-cost airlines don't use the definition 'hub' but instead define their main airports of operations as an operating base.