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All about Oneworld

Oneworld is the third largest global airline alliance – in our guide we tell you more about the alliance, its members and the priority benefits you can receive.

Oneworld was founded in 1998 by American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines*, Cathay Pacific and Qantas. Today Oneworld has grown to have 13 members and one connect partner. They will also have another member by 2024, when Oman Air will join. This makes them the third largest airline alliance in the world, after Star Alliance and SkyTeam.

In total the Oneworld members offer more than 900 destinations around the globe, with millions of flights every year. Something unique about the Oneworld alliance is that they hold two of the largest American airlines – Alaska Airlines and American Airlines.

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Benefits with the Oneworld alliance

If you are enrolled in a frequent flyer programme with either one of the Oneworld partner airlines, you will most likely be able to take part in their priority benefits. The goal is to make your traveling as convenient and comfortable as possible. The benefits can include priority check-in, fast track through security and preferred boarding. You will also get the possibility to access more than 600 airport lounges around the world. The airlines in the same alliance normally share services as well, which means that it is easy for you to get help if needed.

There is also a great possibility to find codeshare flights within the alliance. Codesharing means that the airlines can offer tickets on each other flights, which can give you greater traveling possibilities.

All members in Oneworld

*Canadian Airlines left after a couple of years when they were purchased by Air Canada, since Air Canada was a member of Star Alliance.