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Olympic Air market distribution on each continent.

Olympic Air 30 days of scheduled flights

The graph shows thenumber of scheduled flights per day. The bars are divided between domestic and international flights.

Olympic Air airports

Number of routes on some of the biggest Olympic Air airports.
Most popular flight routesPOPULAR

Olympic Air operates over 60 flight routes. Here are the most popular.

From     To  
PAS Paros Athens ATH  »
ATH Athens Naxos, Cyclades Islands JNX  »
ATH Athens Chios JKH  »
MLO Milos Athens ATH  »
ATH Athens Samos SMI  »
ATH Athens Ioannina IOA  »
ZTH Zakinthos Athens ATH  »
ATH Athens Kefallinia EFL  »
ATH Athens Leros LRS  »
ATH Athens Limnos LXS  »
HER Heraklion Thessaloniki SKG  »
ATH Athens Skiathos JSI  »
AOK Karpathos Athens ATH  »
RHO Rhodes Thessaloniki SKG  »
JIK Ikaria Island Athens ATH  »
KIT Kithira Athens ATH  »
SKG Thessaloniki Paros PAS  »
SKG Thessaloniki Mytilene MJT  »
ATH Athens Kavala KVA  »
LXS Limnos Ikaria Island JIK  »
KZS Kastellorizo Rhodes RHO  »
Based on the number of flight departures in July 2023.
Olympic Air Aircrafts

Aircraft models scheduled to fly with Olympic Air.

Aircraft model Flights
ATR 72 2209
ATR 42-300 / 320 741
Airbus A320 243
A320neo 81
De Havilland (Bombardier) DHC-8 Dash 8 53
A321neo 9

Olympic Air airports

Sorted by the number of departing flights next month.

An airline hub is an airport where the airline has a heavy presence and normally some kind of headquarters. On the other hand, a focus city is a destination where the airline operates limited point-to-point routes. In these cities, the airline doesn’t necessarily need to have an office (even though this sometimes is the case). Many low-cost airlines don't use the definition 'hub' but instead define their main airports of operations as an operating base.