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Wizz Air Malta market distribution on each continent.

Wizz Air Malta 30 days of scheduled flights

The graph shows thenumber of scheduled flights per day. The bars are divided between domestic and international flights.

Wizz Air Malta airports

Number of routes on some of the biggest Wizz Air Malta airports.
Routes re-launching soonRE-LAUNCH

Flights with Wizz Air Malta that are seasonal or re-launching again.

Start From     To  
Jan 6 POZ Poznan Verona VRN »
Mar 25 MLA Malta Tirana TIA »
Mar 25 CHQ Chania Tirana TIA »
Mar 25 PMO Palermo Tirana TIA »
Updated 2023-12-05.
New Wizz Air Malta routesNEW

Recently added routes to our site. This usually means the flight route is new.

From     To Start  
FCO Rome Warsaw WAW Active  »
KRK Krakow Milan MXP Active  »
FKB Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Pristina PRN Active  »
FMM Memmingen Ohrid OHD Active  »
FMM Memmingen Tuzla TZL Active  »
BRE Bremen Tirana TIA Active  »
HRG Hurghada Milan MXP Active  »
TZL Tuzla Dortmund DTM Active  »
TZL Tuzla Hahn HHN Active  »
TZL Tuzla Mulhouse, France/Basel MLH Active  »
BVA Paris Catania CTA Active  »
IAS Iasi Berlin BER Active  »
VCE Venice Cluj-Napoca CLJ Active  »
INI Nis Mulhouse, France/Basel MLH Active  »
MLA Malta Catania CTA Active  »
VLC Valencia Tirana TIA Active  »
OTP Bucharest Tirana TIA Active  »
DTM Dortmund Banja Luka BNX Active  »
DTM Dortmund Craiova CRA Active  »
CIY Comiso Tirana TIA Active  »
HAM Hamburg Catania CTA Active  »
TIA Tirana Prague PRG Active  »
TIA Tirana Thessaloniki SKG Active  »
CRL Brussels Catania CTA Active  »
The list of new routes is usually updated every third month.
Most popular flight routesPOPULAR

Wizz Air Malta operates over 380 flight routes. Here are the most popular.

From     To  
LTN London Bucharest OTP  »
FCO Rome Tirana TIA  »
TSF Venice Tirana TIA  »
BLQ Bologna Tirana TIA  »
TIA Tirana Milan BGY  »
TIA Tirana Pisa PSA  »
TIA Tirana Milan MXP  »
LTN London Cluj-Napoca CLJ  »
BRI Bari Tirana TIA  »
TLV Tel Aviv-Yafo Bucharest OTP  »
VIE Vienna London LGW  »
BLQ Bologna Catania CTA  »
TIA Tirana Catania CTA  »
CRL Brussels Tirana TIA  »
MXP Milan Lamezia-Terme SUF  »
OTP Bucharest Milan BGY  »
MXP Milan London LGW  »
LIN Milan Catania CTA  »
FCO Rome Barcelona BCN  »
FCO Rome London LGW  »
IAS Iasi London LTN  »
LTN London Suceava SCV  »
Based on the number of flight departures in January 2024.
Wizz Air Malta Aircrafts

Aircraft models scheduled to fly with Wizz Air Malta.

Aircraft model Flights
A321neo 6890
Airbus A320 4046
A320neo 1391

Wizz Air Malta airports

Sorted by the number of departing flights next month.

An airline hub is an airport where the airline has a heavy presence and normally some kind of headquarters. On the other hand, a focus city is a destination where the airline operates limited point-to-point routes. In these cities, the airline doesn’t necessarily need to have an office (even though this sometimes is the case). Many low-cost airlines don't use the definition 'hub' but instead define their main airports of operations as an operating base.