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All about SkyTeam

With thousands of destinations worldwide, the SkyTeam alliance has a lot to offer you as a customer. Learn more about the alliance, its members and the benefits you can receive.

SkyTeam is the second largest airline alliance in the world, based on both the number of members and passengers carried. The alliance was founded in 2000 by four airlines – Aeromexico, Air France, Delta Air Lines and Korean Air.

Today the alliance has a total of 18 members, with representatives from all continents except Australia. SkyTeam’s member airlines offer more than 1000 destinations worldwide in more than 170 countries. The alliance has its headquarters in Amsterdam.

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Benefits with the SkyTeam alliance

The global airline alliances provide benefits both for its member airlines and for you as a passenger. This is the case both with SkyTeam and with the two other alliances, Star Alliance and Oneworld. The SkyTeam alliance makes it possible for you as a customer to access a larger global network, and you will also access better connectivity. In other words, you can use several airlines on your trip but will just need one ticket.

Another benefit with the alliance is that you can earn and redeem Frequent Flyer Miles. It’s also normal that the partnering airlines share services, which can be very convenient for you as a customer. If you become an Elite passenger you can also take part in benefits such as preferred seating, extra baggage allowance and priority check-in.

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